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About Strong RSS

Want to add an automatically updated page/line with the news on a certain topic to your site? This tool is for you! Strong RSS is a builder of RSS readers based on PHP. Such a reader will automatically show up-to-date information from any RSS feeds to your visitors. And you will not need knowledge of PHP to be able to create them. Just set up an HTML template for displaying data (or select a ready one), specify the URL of the RSS file for retrieving news and the program will generate the necessary code that you need to add to your site. To avoid overloading web servers, Strong RSS has a built-in cache system that prevents processing non-updated news many times. RSS readers it creates are based entirely on PHP and perfectly work on modern web servers.

This PHP-based RSS Builder consists of three sections: RSS, Appearance and Output. Use the RSS section to configure the parameters of the RSS file and the cache system, the Appearance section to configure templates for the RSS reader and the Output section to get the final PHP/CSS code of the RSS reader.

RSS (see screenshot)
The RSS section consists of fields for editing the parameters of the RSS file and the cache system. RSS File Domain/Path define the location of the RSS file with information. Max Items limits the maximum number of RSS items. Cache File Name defines the name of the file where processed data will be stored, which will prevent the same HTML code from being generated again. Update cache each X seconds – defines how often the RSS file should be requested in order to generate HTML code.

Appearance (see screenshot)
The Appearance section consists of three editors for the HTML/CSS templates of the RSS reader. “RSS reader HTML template” defines the HTML code of the RSS reader and supports the macro for the processed HTML code with data from the RSS file. “RSS item HTML template” defines the HTML code for a processed RSS Item and supports the following macros: for the title, for the description, for the URL to the full version and for the item ID number. “RSS reader CSS template” defines the CSS code of the RSS reader. Besides, all three editors support the macro for the name of the RSS reader.

Output (see screenshot)
To get the ready PHP/CSS codes of the RSS reader, enter the name and click Generate Codes. Once the code is generated, publish it on your site.
1. Save the code from the ‘PHP Code – Main’ window to a new file in the directory with the PHP files that will contain RSS readers.
2. Save the code from the ‘RSS Code’ window to the CSS file used by the PHP files with the RSS reader.
3. Save the codes from the ‘PHP Code – Initialization’ and ‘PHP Code – Function’ windows to the PHP files where you want to add the RSS reader.

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