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About HBar

Use this tool if you want to add a horizontal navigation bar consisting of many tabs to your site. Such a menu has a very user-friendly interface and makes it considerably easier to navigate through the website. It is usually used to navigate through the main sections of the site. Menus created with it are completely based on CSS and do not use scripts that is why they are most attractive for search engines. These menus perfectly work in all modern browsers. We have successfully tested them in Internet Explorer 6, FireFox 1.0, Opera 9, Konqueror 3.5.2, Netscape 7.

Horizontal Bar Builder consists of three sections: Items, Style and Output. Use the Items section to add/remove menu tabs, the Style section to edit the appearance of the tabs and the Output section to get the final HTML/CSS code of the menu.

Items (see screenshot)
The Items section consists of the tab list, buttons for adding/removing tabs and several edit fields for changing the parameters of tabs.
The Add Item button adds a new tab. Clone Item adds a new tab with the parameters of the selected tab. Delete Item deletes the selected tab.
The Text field is used to edit the text that is displayed on the menu tab. The Hint field is used to specify the text of the hint that appears when you move the mouse pointer over the tab. The URL field is used to specify the hyperlink that is opened when you click the tab. The URL Target is used to specify the frame where the hyperlink should be opened (leave the field blank to open it in the same window or enter "_blank" to open it in a new browser window). You can select the Current checkbox to indicate the current section in the menu.

Style (see screenshot)
The Style section consists of the Common Settings and Tab States sections. Use the Common Settings section to edit the general appearance of the tab appearance and the Tab States section to edit the appearance of the tab in three different states: Normal, Over and Current, where Normal corresponds to the normal state of the tab, Over corresponds to the state when the mouse pointer is over it and Current corresponds to the tab with the Current checkbox selected. The Tab States section also has the Tab Parts subsection that is used to edit the appearance of three different components in the tab: Left, Middle and Right.

Output (see screenshot)
To get the HTML/CSS code of the menu, you should enter the name of the menu and specify the directories containing the CSS file with the styles of your site and the subdirectory with image files. These parameters are necessary to generate the correct code and to save images used in the menu. Use the Save Images button to save all images necessary for the menu to the selected subdirectory. Click Generate Codes to generate the CSS/HTML code of the menu. The generated code is displayed in two text areas below. Copy them and use them on your site.