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If you have created a menu using HBar and want to offer it to other web designers and publish it in the template gallery, fill out the following form.
* Author Name - Enter your name or your company's name. It will be published in the template gallery.
* Website URL - Enter the address of your website. It will be published in the template gallery.
* Template Name - Enter the name of the template. It will be published in the template gallery.
* Project URL - Specify the hyperlink we can use to download your packed project file. If you cannot publish your project on the website, enter "by e-mail" in this field and we will contact you in order to get the file by e-mail. Attention: the packed file must contain the XML file of the project and all images it uses.
* Add a copyright string - Select this checkbox and we will embed Template Name, Author Name and Website URL into the template. In this case, your data will be inserted right into generated HTML/CSS code, which will increase the popularity of your site.
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