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About JS

About Strong JS

It is a shrinker/obfuscator for JavaScripts. You can use it to easily and quickly reduce the size of typical JavaScript files by 50% on average depending on the style the code is written in. Strong JS allows you to delete all unnecessary bytes in scripts, such as comments, new line characters and unnecessary spaces. The execution of the js file won't change after it is compressed. It just executes like before. You won't see a difference, only the file size will be smaller. Also, it can rename variables giving them short names. Shrinking JavaScripts reduces the time they are downloaded from the site and the time needed to parse and execute them on the client side.

Strong JS is based on Saltstorm's ESC script.

Strong JS Window (see screenshot)
The Strong JS window consists of the settings for configuring the JavaScript shrinker/obfuscator. To shrink a JavaScript code simply follow these steps:
1. Specify the JS file or the directory with JS files you want to process.
2. Specify the destination file the shrunken code will be saved to.
3. Specify the shrinking level.
4. Enable "Variable substitution engine" if you want to replace the names of all variables with short names.

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