STRONG HTML - Freeware solutions to enhance websites with ease!

Welcome to the <Strong><HTML> Site. You will find free and easy-to-use webmaster tools for web designers here. They easily solve problems that emerge when you create or improve websites. These solutions do not require thorough knowledge and skills in HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and that is why they can be used by web developers of any level - from newbies to experts.

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The software tools are small and do not require installation. It is enough to just download and unpack the corresponding file and the program is ready for use!

You can learn more about the software tools and download them in the Software Tools section.

The online tools allow you to enhance websites online without downloading any software.

You can learn more about the online tools and use them in the Online Tools section.

Attention! You can support the project and participate in its development. If you have created anything with the tools presented here, if you want to share your project files for tools, if you have written a tutorial, if you have an interesting idea for creating a new tool or if you want to express your opinion and suggestions about the project, please write us. You can also support the project by publishing the link to it at your website.

Recent News

Feb 24, 2009
- Online Tools section added.
- Online Builder of CSS-based Vertical Menus added.

Feb 20, 2009
- Strong RSS v1.00 released.

Feb 19, 2009
- VMenu v1.05 released.
- HBar v1.10 released.

Feb 11, 2009
- JS v1.00 released.

Feb 7, 2009
- Contact v1.00 released.
- VMenu v1.03 released.
- HBar v1.06 released.

Feb 1, 2009
- VMenu v1.02 released.
- HBar v1.05 released.
- 3 new HBar Templates added.

Jan 30, 2009
- VMenu v1.01 released.
- New VMenu Template added.